Mr. Jitul Sonowal

Jitul Sonowal (born in Dibrugarh Assam) is a singer, music director, composer, lyricist and entertainer in the field of Assamese modern song and music since 1992. He filtered the Assamese song in a modern way and he likewise works in Assamese Films and Movies; and Film Divisions of Assam. Some of the popular hits songs he contributed in Assamese music industry like "Jodi Ketiyaba", "Abeli Porot", "Bukure Axabure", "Dure Dure", "Ai Beli Bihure", Jon Jole Tora Jole", "Ketiyaba Ajanite", "Mur Mon Aji" "Moromi Logori", "Najaba Atori", "Rimjhim Boroxar" etc. He directed several music in assamese movies such as Hepaah, Xonghat and Bukur Majot Jwole etc. His Popular albums are Niribili Godhuli, Bristi, Natun Lahar, Sonali etc.
Jitul Sonowal is also the head of North East Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC).
Contribution in Assamese music industry:
Jitul Sonowal improved the Assamese music industry by bringing western influence into Assamese music and blend it properly with the traditional music of the region. During the time when there were few prominent Assamese singers, he invited several Bollywood singers to Assam create albums with modern music.
Achievements and experience in cultural field:
  • He has recorded more than 2000 songs in Solo Audio Albums, Feature Film, Ad Films, Television Serials, Theatre, etc. since 1985 till date.
  • As a Music Director, he has directed popular regional feature films viz; JOUBANE AMONI KORE; BUKUR MAJOT JWOLE; HEPAH; SANGHAT; TULA AARU TEJA, etc. 
  • He worked in a number of tele serials, short films and documentaries viz; MUKHA; 1TH AUGUST; AJANITE MONE MONE, etc.
  • As a performing artist/singer in live shows, he performed more than 1500 live shows since 1985 in different parts of North East India and other parts of the country.
  • He performed abroad countries viz; USA, UK, U.A.E, Singapore etc. for several occasions.
  • He is researcher of folk music and collected many art forms of traditional and folk music like Bihu, Kamrupee and Lokgeet Tokaro, Dehbichar Geet, Sonowal – Kachari folk music etc. and recorded for commercial purpose and preservation.
  • He has been associated with a number of Socio – cultural organizations such as:
    • President - Bharat Mata Pujan Mohotsav, Guwahati in 2014, 2015 & 2017
    • Member – Guwahati Cine Musician Association
    • Member – Pragya Foundation
Awards / Honours
  • Recipient of Best Singer 2004, Awarded by Government of Assam (in State Film Festival – 2007); Best singer and Best Music Director Award by reputed Media Houses and Organizations – Prag TV, Chitralekha etc.
  • A combined viewership of more than 1 millon in youtube for different songs ( Seach tag – jitulsonowal)


  • Worked as the Chief Administrative Officer and Senior faculty of Prasannalal Barua Sangeet Mahavidyalaya since 05.01.2007 to 01.10.2010.
  • Worked as the Music Teacher for Drama and overall Administrator in NISABDA since May 2012 to December 2015.

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Mr. Jitul Sonowal

(Director of NEZCC)